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If you wish to experience the tranquil breeze of the ocean, lie around by your own pool, be served your special drink, eat fresh from the garden, and experience the results of a ‘great escape’, come to “Sunny View Villa” in Montego, Bay, Jamaica.

Bring a friend, a partner, an associate if you like. Our 5-Bedroom villa with an amazing flooring by Curlys Carpet Repair Vancouver is open to you. We cater to you, the family, the discreet, the intimate, or your party.

Our home is decorated with antiques and beautiful bamboo floors. Our interior walls have been done wonderfully by commercial painting in Vancouver, BC while www.KerrisdaleRoofingAndDrains.com took care of the exterior. The pool area has been tastefully remodeled and provides a place for entertainment. We will attempt to provide foods for special dietary requirements. Our staff is well trained and ready to make your stay a delightful one. We have this place inspected annually by commercial and residential solutions (homepage) to ensure that everything stays up-to-date and well-functioning.

If you wish to conduct business, a fax machine and Internet access is available for an additional charge. A very recent party was even given access to a recording studio. After their sessions, the owner took them to a special retreat known world wide as ‘Nature Walk’. There they were able to take long walks through the mountains and along the river as well as enjoy the on-site restaurant facilities, soccer field, and go-carts. Do not be surprised if there may not be a music festival on the large stage.

Come to Jamaica!


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